About Jared Davis

Jared Davis was born in Mansfield, Ohio and grew up in the Mansfield, Ohio area. The city was once a manufacturing center, owing to the railroad infrastructure that made transportation easy. The local economy has now diversified, adapting to the new circumstances, and serves as an example to Jared and other residents of what it means to be resilient.


Due to his lifelong love of reading and books, Jared decided to study English Literature during his time as an undergraduate in Denison University. After that, he went on to graduate school in Oxford, England and completed the program of International Management.


This wide-ranging education allowed Jared to both pursue his passion and get the theoretical business knowledge not usually offered in a traditional undergraduate liberal arts program. It also allowed Jared to develop comprehensive view of life, as the time spent outside the United States help put in perspective what he previously thought as common.


In 2006, Jared started a Real Estate Investment Firm where he works to this day as a developer and investor. The real estate market is all about identifying and seizing opportunities, something that Jared is prepared to do thanks to his holistic educational background. The dual role of both developer and investor, allows Jared to get the most out of each circumstance, ensuring the maximal possible success for him and the people working with him.


Continuing with his well-roundedapproach to life, Jared also works in the field of online performance marketing, complementing his work in real estate with work in the new digital economy.


Keeping up with the plethora of new technologies in the field of performance marketing, from changing CRM’s, changing software platforms and even the ever-changing instant messenger and communication space, has been one of Jared most interesting business experiences.


Taking both from his education and the example of his own city and state, Jared has evolved and adapted to the new circumstances faced today by anybody that undertakes any business idea. Both on his real estate and on his online performance marketing work, Jared has taken advantage of the ever-changing nature of the US market economy, greatly influenced by new technological improvements, which Jared is convinced have great efficiency benefits.


While it might be daunting to keep up with all the new technological improvements that come up, Jared is a strong believer that staying on top of those pays up, as they can make your day infinitely more productive. The impact of these new technological improvements usually does not show immediately, so Jared is convinced that an open mind and the creativity to take advantage of these new breakthroughs is essential to a successful business career.


Jared is most passionate about travel and exploring new cultures and markets, especially as they relate to interesting new business opportunities. Apart from that, Jared enjoys spending time with his family. He also goes fly fishing as much as he can, which is a pleasure acquired from his childhood summers spent in Montana and enjoys playing (and winning!) in any sport with a racquet.